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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Singapore Gibsons 2018

Greetings from the Singapore Gibsons.

2018 is a year of preparation for us. 

For Tim and Shendy it is preparing the Church in Singapore and further afield to be bright arrows by training in the art of building Prayer Altars.
For Melody it is preparing for her vocation in the Market Place as she seeks the Lord's guidance for her next job (as she presently works in an interim job).
For Gideon it is his final year of NS and preparation for the season of studying at Uni. He is presently applying for which university to go to whilst enjoying being a Sergeant and Guardsman.
Matthew is preparing for his football matches and next years O levels!

This year Tim is travelling a lot within and outside Singapore to train in Prayer Altars. He has already been to Sri Lanka and forthcoming trips are JB, Ipoh (with Shendy), Penang and Campbodia. As a family we are going to the UK in July (except Gideon). This will be for Tim's niece's wedding in Northampton.