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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Latest update May 2016

Hi all. Just to update you on what's happening with us in Singapore.

God is good and we are all doing well. I (Tim) am still pastoring the English service of Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah). We are now looking at the theme Building Altars of Transformation. Indeed, as we build these altars there's wonderful things happening, miracles and transformed lives. One lady had been healed of breast cancer and another of Gall stones (lump shrank and stones dissolved miraculously). You can hear my latest message at

Melody is back from her miracle trip to Europe and is now doing a work assignment under her university with VidSee online film company. Gideon is preparing for A levels at the end of this year and Matthew is enjoying Secondary one. Shendy is still helping in the Daycare teaching at Woodlands Ring Primary School near our house.

Following is a picture of me (Tim) a friend sent of yesteryear that I hadn't seen before. It was when I was at Imperial College living in chaplaincy accommodation and just starting to learn guitar!