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Sunday, May 3, 2015

So much has happened since I last wrote. I won't bore you with all the details but just give you a quick write up of what's been happening.

After six years we finally went back to England as a whole family for Christmas 2014. It was an excellent, if cold, time back visiting old friends and family. The highlight was spending Christmas in Sidmouth, renting a house by the sea with my brother, Andy, and his wife, Sara. My parents came over on Christmas day for a delicious Christmas meal and the time overall was truly memorable. Other things we did were to tour London (seeing William and Kate and George coming out of Buckingham Palace), visiting my school friend, Ian and his family in Oundle, spending time with my sister, Julie, and her family, visiting the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff and friends , Ian and Karen, and neighbouring Caerphilly castle.

Soon after our return to Singapore I (Tim) fell ill with a full body rash and felt lousy. Indeed for 20 days I was either in bed at home or in hospital. During this time I found out I had skin cancer and needed a growth on my arm removed. There was also a scare that I may have blood cancer, of which I am still having tests up until this day - but I believe God has healed me.

Shendy has a new job teaching in a nearby day care centre. Melody is doing well at university and will be going to Switzerland for five months in August. Gideon is still preparing for his A levels next year and Matthew is preparing to graduate from Primary school.